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A matter of Money and Neighborhood Watches

Yes it makes the world go round, no there's never enough of it - but what about the Neighborhood Watch context?


As NHW's spread through South Africa, we need to accept that like anything, it costs money to stay afloat.  Generally this can be a simple annual contribution by members or monthly to keep the wheels turning. There's stationary, telephone calls, the costs of signage and of course we can't forget the odd meeting which may need a hired venue. 

There's no hard and fast rule and each NHW around South Africa makes its own determination. The general rule of thumb however is a membership fee of R100 a year to help pay the bits and pieces per member. Over and above this each member should chip in to the cost of their own signage. On a signage note - Signs of the times may be well worth looking at to understand the value and importance of getting those sign boards just right. 

Having a treasurer that can account for what money comes in and goes out is critical. NHW's are public entities and transparency is key when working with other peoples money. If your NHW really cannot raise any funds for basic costs, consider chatting to your Community Police Forum about sending a request to the department of Community Safety for funding for torches and bibs and signage. These applications are generally quite easy to do and well received - that's what your tax money is for after all.