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Increase your NHW membership

Increasing Neighbourhood Watch Membership is never an easy task. 


In fact most NHW projects have as little as 20% of their residents as members. Some do indeed stretch above the 50% mark, but it's an uphill climb and those are projects that have generally existed for many years with a solid and hardworking committee.

Here are some tips and ideas that we've found help with increasing your numbers.

Have a Meet & Greet

Most folks are shy. That's a big inhibitor to getting people to work togather in small communities. Have a weekend meet and greet where people can come along to a central point (park etc.) and meet your neighbourhood watch crew and get to know them a little better. Take the time to note who is interested and draw them closer as members and to get involved. 

Send out newsletters - but not too many

Newsletters are great, but make it clear that non-members only recieve 2 a year while full active members get them monthly. If you're not part of the solution, you're not getting all the info. 

Send out Stats  

(yes we do have to punt our great software here) Use PatrolMan statistics reports to show people what you're doing in the area and get them involved!

Up your game

The days of photocopied tatty a4 newsletters are done. Get some style behind what you do and don't be shy to spend a little money on presentation. You're competing with LOADS of glossy mail-box material so make sure that yours stands out. 

Go door to door

Take up a challenge and one street at a time. Go door to door and chat to non-members over the weekends when they're home. Show them what you're doing as a community group and get them interested and involved. 

Do a flyer handout during holidays

Use the kids to man key roads in and out of the area during school holidays. Get flyers handed out and dress the kids in glow vests for extra exposure. Create hype behind what you do - passion is infectious and SELLS