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NHW Basics

New to Neighborhood Watches? Get all the basics right here

Yes, there are disputes in NHW's. It happens. 

Sometimes the disputes are between members or exco members and sometimes NHW's find themselves at cross purposes or loggerheads with local SAPS. So what can you do?

In years gone by, signage was signage. You'd slap up a little eyeball outside your house and people would know you're a member. These days it's not that straight forward. Neighbourhood watches throughout South Africa are using all manner of signage to increase visibility, attract members and of course identify who are not members. Here's the low down from Joachimm Fassman who has been putting up NHW signs in his are for the past 7 years. 

Yes it makes the world go round, no there's never enough of it - but what about the Neighborhood Watch context?

Neighborhood watches are springing up around South Africa as SAPS actively encourages the formation of watches complete with Street Captains and regular dialogue with their police stations. 

There are however a few questions to be posed before jumping in feet first. I'm fist to concede that some of these are rhetorical or have no direct answer per se,  however they do need to be discussed;

Neighborhood watches around South Africa take different forms and functions. These are largely dependent on the community itself and what they wish to achieve and how active they can afford to be in the area.