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Quick Start Guide

We're always keen to help new NHW's get started. To make the process easier, we've got an on-boarding team at the call center waiting to help you (at no charge of course). Just drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll send you an excel spreadsheet to complete with all your member information. As soon as we get it back, we'll get you setup and ready to go!



Let's begin with an overview of WHAT PatrolMan is and how it works. 

PatrolMan would be categorised as an Incident Management system. It is a combination of a user friendly App for mobile phones (android only at this time) that Neighborhood Watch patrollers use to record incidents that take place while they're patrolling. This information is then fed to a server where the data is accessible for your NHW committee to manage and draw reports on. 

Neighborhood Watches are a necessity in our country, and equally essential is the proper collection of statistics and incident related data so that it can be analysed to see trends and patterns and of course to present at SAPS and roleplayer meetings for discussion.

For years, Neighborhood Watches have relied on manually captured information and excel spreadsheets requiring hours of work to complete - not any more!


Every Neighborhood Watch has fourkey components. The Management Committee, Street Captains (or Street Representatives), Active Patrollers and regular members. 

The PatrolMan solution caters to all of these as follows:

Management Committee: Access to the secured website to report on monthly incidents and activities. 

Active Patrollers: Easy capture of incident information, live Hot Spot Map and of course an SOS feature for emergencies using the Android PatrolMan app. 

Street Captains: Live SMS notifications of any incidents in their appointed Street and the ability to request reports from the Management Committee on incidents in their street by period.

Regular Members: Quick live feed of incidents attended in and around the area and an SOS feature to send GPS co-ordinates and an emergency message via the PatrolMan Lite app.


In fact, we would go so far as to say that PatrolMan is the ONLY solution that meets the direct needs of every segment of a Neighborhood Watch!


So how do YOU get your NHW project on board?


First, ensure your project isn't already registered. 

 Click on the Register menu item at the top of this page. You'll find a list of all projects registered on our website. If yours IS there, please contact the Admin directly to be added. If your project is not there and you're authorised by your Neighborhood Watch to set it up - it's time to get started.


Click on LOGIN at the menu bar or just click here

Click Register and complete the easy registration form choosing a unique and descriptive name for your project - it's important to keep it SHORT and abbreviate it if possible as your members will need to input this "project name" when they log into the full or lite app.  Once you have registered, you can log into the website any time you need from www.patrolman.co.za by clicking on the login button top right or the login option on the menu bar. After completing the registration, you will automatically be logged into the website control panel.


Once you've registered, it's time to set up the basics.

You'll see that the default installation will put your first patroller in, a demo street name and street captain and will add "footbeat" as your default vehicle. Now you can add more patrollers, add the street names in your area (we recommend using the import button for this), as well as capture the details of any vehicles you may use for patrolling. Use the menu items on the left to add Streets, Patrollers, Vehicles or Administrators. We have setup basic Incident Categories for you, but feel free to add more or edit them according to what your projects needs are. 


You're almost ready to go! Take particular note of your project name, you'll need this in a moment. 

All set - now it's time to download the PatrolMan App from the Google Play Store and install the app on your mobile phone. When you start the app it will ask for your username, project name and password.

Your login details that you setup when registering for the website will be identical to your username and password for the App. Please remember that it is Case Sensitive. 


You’re on the way to becoming a more structured and informed NHW!




Let’s guide you through what’s just happened in the background.  


Firstly, we’ve created your Administrator with your details. You can change those by clicking on the USER MANAGER on the left, and then clicking on ADMIN/SUPERVISOR. Do Not delete this record as you won’t be able to get back into the database if you do and will need our support team to help. 

We’ve also created your first “client” you’ll find this on the left under USER MANAGER and then “CLIENTS” This is where you list all the streets and areas in your project that could have incidents linked to them. The standard way is to use the street names in your area and link each with the street captain so that the street captain gets the SMS notifications. If you don’t want them to receive an SMS, just leave the telephone number field (number 1) blank.  

Patrollers are up next. Again, we’ve created the first patroller for you. We’ve put in the basic information and you can edit it or add new patrollers. ONLY patrollers who are added into this section will be able to load the mobile App onto their phones. 

Under the CONFIGURATION tab on the left, you’ll see EVENT CATEGORIES where we’ve added the most commonly used events, feel free to customise and add the ones that are important to your area.

Under CONFIGURATION we have also added “footbeat” as a vehicle so that you can log in and perform a foot patrol, however you can also add your patrollers vehicles in here and track the number of patrol kilometres done in any given period of time. 




Now it’s up to you to configure your installation to make sure it’s all ready to go.


To make it easier, we’ve created this cheat-sheet for you to work from so that you get everything you need in there and ready to roll before your patrollers start logging in.




Despite what appears to be very basic functionality, the PatrolMan App is highly sophisticated and you’ll start to see that coming through in the website based reports.   

Here’s a schematic that to show how it all fits together [INSERT]

Although PatrolMan is an App, the heart of the system is indeed the website and the degree of control that you have from the website for reporting and configuring the system. 

Everything for a new project starts at the website. 

Here’s what you need to get fully configured

1. A list of the street names in your area with the street captains and their contact details

2. A list of the names and contact numbers of the patrollers in your area

3. A list of the vehicles used by your patrollers and their  call-signs

You can download sample excel spreadsheets to edit and upload quickly [HERE]

If you have ALL of these spreadsheets ready, you can click on the FAST-START button on the left menu and it will guide you through uploading all three completed spreadsheets. You can always use the CONFIGURATION option on the left menu to go back and add more or edit later if you need to.

During the FAST START it will ask if you want to notify members of your project that you’re ready to go and encourage them to download the App. Just look at the bottom right for the MAIL PATROLERS button and the system will send out an e-mail to your patrollers to guide them through getting set up. 

It’s VITAL that your patrollers use your [COMPANY NAME] when logging in and use it correctly – it’s case sensitive. If they do not enter the correct company name and haven’t been set up as patrollers, the App will not work.