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Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries will this App work in?

PatrolMan has been designed to work for Neighbourhood Watches anywhere around the world! We live in a global village and this is a global product


 What kind of phone do I need to use the App?

Any Android based phone should do the trick. Ideally with GPS enabled. You will need a small amount of data and SMSes (if using that feature) or a wireless connection. To view back-end reports you will need to access these from a computer or tablet (the reports appear too small on a cellular phone)


How much does it cost?

There's NO cost for a NWH to use the backend website, the first 20 full PatrolMan App licences are totally free. Currently we are not charging for the PatrolMan Lite version, however in a few months time, this may be changed to a charge of R150 per annum for Lite users. 


 Will others see my data?

No, your data is unique to your project


What if someone has already registered my Neighbourhood Watch project?

Simply contact them and ask to be added as a patroller. The company code can then be shared and you can join in.