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Q&A with Tygerdal NHW

We took a moment to chat to Clinton from Tygerdal & Glenwood to find out a little more about what makes their project work.


Q. What is your position with the Project and how long have you been involved?

I was part of a group of people that formed the and Glenwood Neighbourhood watch in October 2015. I am a committee member in charge of communications and operations.


Q.  What drove you to get involved with your Neighbourhood Watch?

The spike in crime in our area. From housebreaking to armed robberies. I didn’t feel safe in the area and didn’t want to leave home in fear of been burgled and decide that it was time to DO something about it.


Q.  What would you say has been a driving factor behind the success of your project?

I would say it is the dedication and commitment of our group of patrollers and the structures that we have in place, motivating and encouraging the community to get involved.


Q. Why do you feel NHW’s are an important part of safety and security in South Africa?

It is impossible for SAPS to police everything. Their resources are so limited. We as the community know our area better than they do as we live there. We are the eyes and ears for them and need to look out for each other. We need to take back our streets. After all they belong to us.


Q. Tell us about one of your NHW successes?

Our crime stats have decreased drastically. We are actually starting to see the community come out and walk and jog and in my opinion it is because of the presence of the Neighbourhood watch.


Q. Any words of wisdom for watches out there that are just starting up?

Don't give up! Don't be afraid to communicate with your bordering neighbourhood watches. We are all fighting the same fight. Communication is key.


Q7. What challenges does your NHW face on a week to week basis?

Bin days are a huge challenge. We have noticed that on bin days we seem to have more crimes happening. The bins are used as tools to commit crimes from transporting goods to using them as ladders. The criminals use the bin divers for information and for cover as they scout the area. Residents need to stop feeding these guys and start recycling instead of just throwing things out. This will discourage them returning.


It's encouraging to see such a passionate and dedicated NHW project and work and we look forward to hearing a lot more about their successes and achievements within the broader community.