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511 What's the hype?

I have to concede - I am a 511 Slave. Yes I foam at the mouth, my head goes giddy and I may even cough and splutter a little bit when it comes to paying for them - but I do it anyway. 

To cast some perspective on it, a pair of 511 Cargos last cost me about R950 last year. A steep price to pay for a set of cargo pants no? Well no, not really and despite my tears when paying for them, I have to admit that they are THE most comfortable and durable Cargo pants I've ever worn and wouldn't consider anything else. Made of a lightweight ninja-magic type fabric, they're water resistant which is a HUGE bonus - always beats being soggy and wet after patrolling in the dead of winter. The fabric is called RipStop as it tears (if it does) evenly without jagged bits and without extending. 

Apart from the fabric, there's versatility. Obviously as Cargo pants you expect they have loads of pockets and these do. For those who carry firearms, there's a handy magazine pocket in most of their ranges Cargos, there's also zippable waterproof pockets, tiny key pockets and reinforcing to all of them to make sure that they last as long as humanly possible. 

In fact my oldest 511 Cargos are around the 4 year mark now and have patrolled around the world with me (literally) without ever failing. If you're looking at something practical and useful to wear, to keep your gear in place and safe, yet allow you breathable movement to the max  - you cannot do better than 511!

No, we don't get paid for reviews and our opinions cannot be bought - but when we love a product we just feel the need to share! Patrollers, get out there and find these, they will outlast and outperform your best pair of Levis every time