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Bring in the boot

A mans boots will tell you a lot about him. Whether he values quality and comfort over cost, how active his lifestyle is. His boots will tell you whether he's fastidious about detail (clean ones) or a slob (you can work that out yourself). 

When you're out on patrol, your office wear shoes just won't work. You need boots that you can run in, that you can walk in, are equally comfortable to drive with - and of course match whatever else you're wearing (within reason - it's not a fashion parade you know.)

My preference has always been for lined boots. Something with a little padding inside will always add to the ankle support and nobody likes a twisted ankle. Zips on the sides or smart laces for easy-on and easy-off are a sure fire way to keep me happy. After a long patrol I always want to get my feet aired as quick as I can when I hit home and spending five minutes unlacing boots just doesn't work for me - same for getting them back on. 

If the budget allows, go for steel toe caps - no, not for booting people about (pun intended) but for protection of your toes because sooner or later someone will drop something on them. Sturdy heel support will help you run a bit better and protect your ankles from nasty injury if you loose your footing and slip. Leather is always best for long use and comfort.

As always I'm not a brand-man, but I do like Hi-Tec and Cat. The Cats are hellishly expensive in my opinion, but on the positive side they do tend to last a few years and mine have served me well trekking over mountains and hitting the suburban streets. 

Try try and try some more, don't accept anything that the best comfort you can afford and never be shy to ask for discounts for cash. And as always - put your best foot forward :)