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How do SMS's work on PatrolMan?

PatrolMan (Full version for Neighborhood Watch patrollers)

As you log an incident, the App will look at the category first. If for example it's a "routine" incident such as Vagrancy for example, you'll see in the Categories settings, that Vagrancy has a priority of 0. Housebreaking however has a priority of 1. If the priority level is set to 1, the App then looks at the street name. If that street has a cellular number attached to it via the Street Rep, then it will send to that street rep as well as to the administrator. 

If a patroller taps the SOS function, it will send an SMS to the project Administrator.


In PatrolMan lite, you will find that when you register, the App asks you to specify three numbers for SOS messaging. When this is done, those are the three numbers that the SMS will be sent to. You can change these numbers by tapping the SOS on the main screen, then the yellow PatrolMan icon bottom right. The yellow icon will open 4 configuration options. The second one allows you to change or edit the three SOS numbers that you chose.