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Some practical and handy downloads - and yes, of course we have to put PatrolMan at the top of the list :)

DownloadWhat it's used forLink 
PatrolMan Suited for active patrollers who will log incidents while out on patrol.  
 PatrolMan Lite (Android) The right choice for non-patrolling members  
Draft NHW Constitiution (WC) Starting up a new NHW? This document is ideal for just that 
 Neighborhood Watch Training Here's a handy link to the Department of Community Safety process and procedures on getting training for your project 
 Patroller Training We found this handy link from the people at http://www.crestwatch.co.za/ outlining what can be done in terms of patroller training - some good stuff in there 
 Patroller Training The fine folks at http://www.silvertoncpa.co.za/ have this handy patrollers reference guide too