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How to choose a reputable alarm monitoring and response company

In South Africa we have an organisation called PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority). It is illegal to offer any security service without being registered with PSIRA. Registration requires training to be completed to ensure a minimum skill level and understanding of the security industry and the laws governing it. 

Any security service provider that you use must be PSIRA registered. If you use them knowing that they’re not registered, you too could be fined. Insurance companies can repudiate claims if your service provider is not properly registered. 

If you ask your service provider for their registration number or certificate they should gladly provide it. You can also go to www.psira.co.za and enter the company’s name or the owner’s ID number to check if their registration is current. 

In order to offer an alarm monitoring service, a company must by law be a member of SAIDSA (South African Intruder Detection Services Association). The association’s website address is www.saidsa.co.za 

SAIDSA is responsible for maintaining standards in the alarm installation and monitoring industry. If your alarm is not SAIDSA approved and installed by a registered SAIDSA member, you could be in for a nasty surprise if you have a claim. Always insist on an alarm certificate after installation that bears the SAIDSA stamp and shows the installer’s membership number. 

In South Africa, alarm installers and monitoring companies are legally required to be members of SAIDSA. Membership of PSIRA for any person or company offering a security service is also a legal requirement in South Africa. 

If you’re using a service provider for any form of security service and they do not have a PSIRA registration number you should question their credentials immediately.