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Secure your home this Christmas

With only a few more days until Christmas it is a timely reminder to everyone to ensure their homes and valuables are safely secured. Every home has the potential to be a target of a break-in and it is up to you as the home owner to ensure your property is not at risk. Many homes will be left unattended over the Christmas holidays, use these easy steps to help prevent the chance of a break-in.



- Make sure all doors and windows are clearly visible from the street so the neighbourhood crime watch can keep an eye on your home.

- Garages and sheds should be securely locked at all times.

- Lock away all tools and equipment to prevent a burglar using them to get into your home.

- Lock gates to the yard with a keyed padlock.

- Don’t throw out packaging for any new items or Christmas presents you have bought. (Don’t advertise the contents of your home.)

- Main entry and exit areas to your home should be well lit.

- Tell a trusted neighbour or the neighbourhood watch that you’re going away so they can keep an eye on your place and collect the mail while you’re away.


As many of us head off on holiday for Christmas, it is a perfect time to use these tips to protect your home from theft.