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Keep your money safe this festive season

Christmas is almost here, which means the shops are busy and people are everywhere. With all the hustle, bustle and rush, it is important to remain alert at all times. Here is how to handle your money, credit cards and valuables at all times.


- Always be discreet with your money at all times. Do not draw any attention to yourself, especially when you are counting your Moola.

- Consider ducking into a toilet or a shop when you are sorting out your money so you are away from prying eyes.

- Keep cash and valuables that you carry to a minimum. Only take what you need for the day.

- If your purse or bag has zippers – use them!

- Consider wrapping your money or wallet with a rubber band, this makes it harder to slip it out of your pocket.

- Don’t leave your bag in the shopping trolley, hanging off a pram, on the back of a chair, hanging low off your shoulder or under a table in a public place.

- Most scams involving card cloning require time with your card; make sure your card is always in plain sight.

- When entering your PIN at an ATM machine, cover the keypad with your other hand.

- Be aware of your surroundings by checking mirrors and reflections in the glass.

- Keep photocopies of the front and back of your cards in a secure place at home, along with emergency contact numbers for the bank and card companies.

- Be wary of strangers wanting to “help you with your bags” immediately outside the bus station or shops.

- Stick to well-lit, populated areas.

- Remind your parents, kids and friends of these tips – you can never be too careful.


Stay safe and happy this festive season.