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8 useful safety tips for public transportation

Using the public transportation system can be a great way to save money, however it can also present some risks.

Before you enjoy the convenience of public transportation, take a moment to consider these important safety tips…

Take notes of logos and colours – Always take notes of the logos and colours of local taxis and buses even if you don’t need one. Fake taxis have been used by criminals to steal your money and in some countries; fake taxis are even used to kidnap tourists. Make sure you know which are the legitimate taxis and buses to avoid getting taken for a dangerous ride.

Stay awake and alert – You may be tempted to read a book, check your messages or even take a quick nap, but that is the perfect way to have your wallet, camera, backpack and other stuff stolen. Plus, you could even end up in a strange place if you sleep too long! Don’t fall asleep when you’re in a taxi either, your driver could be dangerous.

Keep control over your bags and packages – It is essential to keep close control over your bags and packages if you are to keep them in your possession. This is very important if you have a lot of bags or packages, bunch your bags together between your feet or put them on the seat beside you.

Know where you are going – It is an easy trap to fall into: you tell the driver where you are going and they take you there, but the driver should not be responsible for you and could even have their own malicious agenda. Knowing where you are going by having a map and paying attention to the route will help you protect yourself.

Get off if it’s too crowded – When people are pressing in all around you on the bus, it’s harder to watch and protect your belongings. Crowds make it far easier for pickpockets and thieves to do their dirty work and escape quickly. If the bus gets too crowded, get off and wait for a less crowded one.

Be wary of sharing – Sharing a taxi is a common way to save some money, but sharing a taxi with a stranger can be dangerous. In some places it is a common scam to steal your belongings. Sharing a taxi is fine with friend, but not with strangers, no matter how kind they are.

Know how to call for emergency help – Every country has a different emergency number. Knowing the number to dial can make a big difference.

Save money by using public transportation, but always remember to keep these safety tips in mind and stay safe!