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10 Home Security Tips

With crime being imminent, no matter what area you live in, you may want to give your security system a bit of a boost. There are 10 things you may want to consider implementing in order to prevent an intruder setting foot in your home.


1. Layered security: If you don’t already have layered security, you should seriously consider it. The more layers of protection you have working together the more reliable your home security system will be.

2. Improve physical security: Are the entry points to your home rusted or broken? It’s time to replace them. Make sure your electric fencing, security gates and burglar bars are strong enough to keep burglars out.

3. Conceal wiring: A burglar can easily disable an alarm system if the wires are visible. Either do your best to conceal the wiring, or upgrade your system to one that is wireless.

4. Get a remote activated alarm: If you have an alarm system that can activate and deactivate from the outside, then you will benefit greatly from the zero delay.

5. Avoid LED lights: Many alarm systems have LED lights that show when an alarm system is set. When the light is on during the day, this will signal to intruders that nobody is home. To get rid of the shining LED, simply stick a pierce of black tape over it.

6. Install security beams: Security beams are great for alerting your security company that an intruder is on your premises before they even reach your front door.

7. Fix the faulty: If your alarm is faulty and constantly goes off then this is bad news! Your neighbours will be so used to it going off that they won’t think anything of the siren when someone is actually breaking in.

8. Shed some light: Burglars love the dark, so they tend to target homes that are poorly lit. Think about installing outside lights to illuminate your windows and doors.

9. Always appear to be home: An intruder will more likely target your home if they can see that no one is home. Timers are a great way to set lights radios and TVs to go on and off if you are away on holiday.

10. Get a dog: A burglars pet hate is a dog. Whether your pooch has a hearty or shrill bark, it is an alarm that won’t go unnoticed and send intruders running.


There is nothing more important than having a reliable home security system - its vital to keep your loved ones safe!  .