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Effective tips to avoid a theft out of your vehicle

It is worrying that not only has there been an increase in the incidents of Theft out of motor vehicles, but also that items are being left inside vehicles, in plain sight.


Always make sure that your vehicle is securely parked in your garage or behind a locked gate. If this is not possible for you, try to ensure that your vehicle is parked where there is enough lighting.

If you have to leave items in the vehicle then ensure that they are locked in your boot before you arrive at your destination. You never know who is watching you, or who is going to walk passed and see your valuables inside.


Securing your vehicle


     ·         Always keep your vehicle in good condition in order to avoid breakdowns. This is when you are most vulnerable to hijackings and attacks.

     ·         Ensure that your vehicle has a petrol tank cap that can be locked.

     ·         If possible, it is best to get an immobilizer or alarm for your car.

     ·         Carry a steering wheel lock or gear lock and use it whenever you leave and lock your car.


Never leave these items in your vehicle


     ·         Vehicle registration papers

     ·         Documents giving your name and address, or those of your family and family photos

     ·         Firearms and laptops

     ·         Vehicle and house keys

     ·         Wallet

     ·         Clothing

     ·         Handbags, backpacks or suitcases


It is best to simply avoid leaving any items visible in your vehicle. This way you won’t be in a situation where something has been stolen out of your vehicle.


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