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4 ways to stay safe if you live in a bad neighbourhood

It’s not easy to live in a dangerous neighbourhood, but you can take steps to increase your safety. Here are four things you should do if you live in a high-risk area.

Nobody likes to find they're living in a "dodgy" part of town - but it happens! Follow a few of these basic rules to stay safe. 


>> Know your neighbors

Getting to know the people that live near you helps you identify allies and troublemakers. Always be friendly and introduce yourself, offer to do neighborly things and use good manners. It also helps to know the patterns of neighbours who put you and your neighborhood in danger. If you know for a fact that the couple across the street always overindulge and get violent, then prepare to avoid them.


>> Stay alert

If you know your neighborhood is dangerous then try not to walk around in your neighborhood alone after dark, and avoid distractions like your cellphone. Make eye contact with the people you walk past and walk with confidence. Cross the street if you see trouble and always be ready to run or call for help.


>> Get protection

Whether it is a dog, a home security system or pepper spray, it’s worth the trouble to invest in some sort of protection for yourself and your home. The double protection of an alarm system and a dog may be your best defense. Even by simply adding security signs to your front wall can deter criminals, but if you’re truly afraid it’s probably better to get the real thing.


>> Use common sense

Keep the lights on when you’re not home and always make sure the door is locked. Don’t sleep with the windows open unless you have burglar bars. If possible, add a fence to your yard and cut down any bushes or trees that can potential hiding spots for thieves.


There could be many reasons people end up living in a dangerous neighborhood. Whatever it may be, there are things you can do to stay safe and sane.