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Nine handy tips that can save you from remote jamming

When a person leaves their vehicle and pushes the remote to activate the locking system, a criminal pushes a similar remote at the same time to effectively block the signal of the locking remote. This is called remote jamming.

It would seem that the problem of remote jamming is not going to go away anytime soon, so in order to avoid becoming a victim of this crime a few simple steps can be followed:


  §  Never leave valuable items lying in full view on your car seats while driving or when leaving your car parked.

  §  Park your car in a secure car park, ideally with security personnel.

  §  Physically double check that your car has been successfully locked.

  §  Empty your car at the end of the day to avoid it being cluttered with items that can be stolen.

  §  Never leave house keys or important papers in your car.

  §  Install and alarm system in your car.

  §  Install window safety film.

  §  Ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage on your possessions.

  §  Be aware of your surroundings and take note of suspicious persons.

  §  Report suspicious activity to centre management or security personnel.

  §  Never push the remote locking while walking away from your vehicle.

  §  Ensure the boot is locked too.


The only way to prevent your valuables from being stolen is to keep these handy tips in mind at all times!