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PatrolMan Lite

Neighbourhood Watches are generally broken into three segments. There's the Committee that oversees administration, membership and the running of the project.

Then there is the patroller group, these are the dedicated members of the community that patrol the streets of the area in their private vehicles or on foot. Finally, there's the members group - normally the largest component of any NHW. 

The members group don't actively patrol and act as eyes and ears. More importantly, it's vital that they are kept in the loop on what's happening in the area.  If the members aren't clued in on what's happening, then rumors spread like wildfire, panic is created and of course often information is misinterpreted. 

We've designed a Lite version of the popular PatrolMan App to ensure that your community is always informed - and as an added feature, we've built in an SOS function. By pre-programming your NHW cellphone number into the SOS group, your members can notify three people of their Location and that they require Emergency Assistance.