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Maximizing your HotSpot map

We've made our reports as intuitive as possible, yet left some room for them to be tweaked. This month we want to take a look at the Hot-Spot map and how it can be improved to suit your particular requirements. 

The image above is taken from the Demo accounts hot-spot map. Note how there are only 4 incidents recorded. Click on the start date and you can choose a broader range of dates by changing the start and end dates. 

You can also click CONFIGURATION on the menu on the left and change the number of days that are automatically displayed in the App. Like this


A few simple tweaks! If you find your hotspot map on the App is getting cluttered, just reduce the period of time that events are displayed for to 14 or 7 and you'll get a more current view as well as lower density. 

We're always open to suggestions for improvements so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas you'd like to see implemented.