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5 Insanely Good Hiding Spots for your Valuables

Let’s face it; the internet has pretty much revealed all the good hiding spots for stashing cash and valuables at home. The fake outlet safe and the hollowed out book are both nifty ideas, but a thief who’s spent any time online is aware of these popular DIY home security safes.

So, if a burglar does happen to make it past your home security system, how can you still protect things like cash, credit cards, personal documents and jewellery? If you download the new PatrolMan neighbourhood watch app you can even keep a close eye on the crime statistics in your neighbourhood, plus if faced with a burglary, the nifty SOS button sends out an emergency message for help!

However, here are some pretty good hiding spots that you can start using right away:

1. Inside a Deodorant Tube
Instead of being annoyed the next time you’re at the end of your deodorant tube and the little plastic platform pops out, stash some cash or jewels inside and give it a brand new purpose!

2. Inside a Lip Balm Tube
Same concept as the deodorant tube, here. Less space, yes, but a very inconspicuous place to hide a few rolled up bills or small jewels. Place the tube in an old jean pocket for double security.

3. In a Corner, Beneath Carpet
Thieves may check under an area rug, but few are going to want to tear up the carpeting in your home to check for goods. Use this to your advantage by hiding valuables under the carpet in a corner of your home. Bonus points if you choose a place that has a table or some other furnishing on top of the carpeted safe.

4. Inside Sofa Cushions
Check your sofa cushions. Do they have a zipper that allows you to remove the covers? If so, you’ve just identified several good hiding spots for money, credit cards and other small, flat items.

5. Tape Valuables Behind a Headboard
Thieves may look under a bed and lift a mattress or two searching for valuables, but how many will actually move your bed away from the wall in order to check behind the headboard? Not many…which is why good hiding spots like this are such winners! Just be sure to place items in a flat envelope and use a reliable tape that’s not likely to loosen over time and you’ve got yourself a pretty good DIY home security safe.

Know of Any Good Hiding Spots? Now, we know that there’s always a risk that good hiding spots like the ones we’ve just given you will eventually become as popular as the phony DIY home security safes.

With the average burglar aiming to be in and out of a home somewhere between 8 and 12 minutes, not many will take the time to inspect deodorant sticks or even go through the effort of lifting the carpeting in your home, so we can expect these hidden spaces to golden for a very long time!