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Do you believe these common myths about breaking and entering?

Breaking and entering is a term often associated with burglary. But did you know that nothing has to be stolen in order for this to be a crime? Also known simply as B&E, people break into homes for all sorts of reasons–many of which are to steal or cause harm–but some break-ins happen as a result of people looking for shelter or perhaps a place to party when no one’s home. The latter can still result in damage to your property and cause you to feel unsafe at home.

Whatever the intention is in a breaking and entering crime, you need to know how to bar strangers from accessing your home without your permission. The first step in doing so is to dispel some of the myths people have about break-ins, which only set them up to be prime targets!

  • Breaking and Entering Doesn’t Happen in My Neighbourhood

Do you live in a “safe” neighbourhood? Can you leave your front door and your windows unlocked without worrying about someone letting themselves in? If you answered yes to these questions, you are making yourself a prime target for a breaking and entering crime! Why? Because no neighbourhood is safe from burglary and other crimes.

If you don’t believe us, give your local police department a call. OR download the new PatrolMan neighbourhood watch app and you’ll be able to view incidents and reports that happen in your neighbourhood. You may be surprised to find out that you are the exact type of homeowner that burglars regularly target for future crimes since they literally prey on homes that appear to be oblivious to home security!

  • Home Security Systems Are a Waste of Time

The biggest home security myth of all is that you don’t really need home security! Some will tell you that alarms don’t really work, that they’re useless at stopping criminals or that you can do better guarding your home by other means.

Burglars want you to believe that alarms and surveillance systems are a waste of time so that you won’t do anything to protect your home. By not having a system, you make breaking and entering efforts infinitely easier!

  • A Gun is All the Security I Need

Some people place a false sense of security in guns and other weapons. Can a burglar tell by looking at your house that you have a gun? Even if there are signs posted outside, will he fear a gun when you’re not at home? Chances are also good that a thief may just stage a breaking and entering while you are away from home for the express purpose of stealing your gun!

  • My Dog is My Home Security System

Not every burglar is afraid of dogs. And if a burglar is someone familiar to you, your dog may actually either like that person or the burglar may already know that your dog’s bark is much larger than his bite (if that’s the case).

Besides, thieves and other criminals are not above poisoning dogs or hurting them in some other way. Why put your pooch at risk when there are so many other layers of security you can use to deter someone from breaking and entering before they even come face-to-face with your dog?

What myths have you encountered about breaking and entering crimes?