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Commercial Security Companies

Commercial Security Companies

Patrolman is available for the private security industry, the benefits of being on the same platform as Neighbourhood watches are obvious.

Private Security can have their own branded version of Patrolman with some additional features and benefits, out of the ordinary requirements can also be accommodated, please speak directly with us should you feel your organisation may require some functions that you do not see listed here.

Some of the benefits to be gained include the following:

  • Automated Incident Tracking
  • GPS tagging with each logged incident
  • Take photos of serious incidents
  • SOS feature with GPS positioning for your clients that can be linked to your control centre
  • Use the light Application to give feedback to and communicate with all your clients
  • Generate additional monthly revenue
  • Report on all activities, incidents instantly. All the information in live time
  • Locate and manage your patrollers
  • Auditable shift reports
  • Hotspot map makes patrolling more intuitive, and highlights high risk areas
  • Share information with your CPF and Neighbourhood Watch – collaborate to bring better results

Contact us for a confidential discussion to discuss your specific requirements, we are always happy to work with any person or organisations who are taking safety and security seriously.